Development and investment services

When your decisions involve significant investment and affect the way communities function and interact, there is no room for guess work. Our services provide you with reassurance that you have considered all the implications and options, and are set on the right course.

Our development and investment services include:

  • acquisitions and dispositions
  • development financing
  • project direction and development management.

Acquisition and dispositions

We work with governments, not-for-profits and the private sector to:

  • conduct thorough site investigations and due diligence tasks to inform transaction decisions
  • prepare project feasibility and financial modelling to inform acquisition and disposition decisions
  • assist with large asset portfolios to prepare disposition strategies.

Development financing

  • prepare comprehensive finance strategies for acquisition and development of property and infrastructure
  • secure joint venture formations
  • provide opportunity for and secure equity private placements
  • source secured financing, loan placements

Project direction and development management

Our leadership capability in delivery of assets enables us to:

  • assign experienced project directors and development managers to your project – they have a complete understanding of the project lifecycle, and make informed decisions and recommendations on your behalf
  • inform development decisions by researching project feasibility and undertaking financial modelling
  • fully understand the market, regulations and licencing that impact your project
  • work with you to improve the commercial return of your existing assets.